“Best Shared Value Business Ideas”

We would like to thank to all of you for participating in the Call for Shared Value Business Ideas and hope that you equally found this opportunity as valuable, constructive and interesting as much as we did!

The jury (European Entrepreneurs CEA-PME, GIZ, ECOBANK) has re-assessed the public vote and made sure to be in line with the three main objectives of the call: jobs creation and growth on the African ground, demonstrates the real solution for the African customer as well as tackles SDG goals.

We congratulate to…

TOP 3 entrepreneurs from Kenya, Spain and Uganda who will be proposed by our teams to pitch their business idea at the EABF2020 online.

In addition, each entrepreneur receives the following prizes:

First award! Goes to Bronson Eran’ogwa – The Source Plus – KENYA

Expertise voucher: The business plan will be evaluated and improved according to the needs of the African market directly by experts in the sector.


Second award! Goes to Santiago Orlando – Interal – SPAIN

Travel cost contributions to on site visit in Africa to implement the business idea.



Third award! Goes to Francis Turyahikayo – Kashari Farm

In-depth counselling and coaching from experts.

Special Mention goes to Mr. Thierry Nsaka, Makuta – Digital Banking, Belgium – DRC

For your great grit to find a sustainable digital solution for the African diaspora and African people on the continent in doing money transfer in more transparent and efficient way.

We have opened our call for “Best Shared Value Business Ideas”.

Send us your presentation for a “Best Shared Value Business Idea” by July 10. The entrepreneurs who will have sent us the top five best idea will be invited to present them at the First EU-African Online Business Lab for SMEs on 16 and 17 July 2020 and receive further support, tailored to their business needs.

What do we mean by a “Best Shared Value Business Idea”?

Business ideas that follow the following criteria:

SDG logo

1. Contribute to the United Nations’ global sustainable development goals (SDGs)


2. They solve a real problem

In your presentation you will have to describe the problem that your business idea intends to solve, the gap that helps to overcome, the real need of an African customer, the lack that can fill.

3. Do business locally

A small or medium-sized enterprise is a local enterprise in the first place. Every business idea that we will support is at least equivalent to a “local business”, in the sense that digital or export companies also depend heavily on local suppliers, local markets, local conditions and opportunities and are not the result of an activity made possible thanks to investments by large companies that act globally.


4. Break even in 2 years and create jobs immediately

The expected break even point is 1 year if the company is based in Europe, in double the time if the firm is based in Africa.
Expected immediate employment in Africa of at least 2 people, not counting the entrepreneur himself, and after 2 years, based on a plausible turnover forecast, growth to a minimum of at least 10 other employees.


5. Availability of own investment resources for the first 2 years for at least 50% of the initial capital

Even if publicly co-financed with grants, the entrepreneur should contribute at least 50% of the investment, also counting his honorary or personnel expenses.

The Awards

All participants that submit an eligible business idea will get consultancy advice from business experts in Europe and Africa aimed at how to put in practice the idea and overcome obstacles.

Furthermore the 3 best ideas will get

    • will be proposed by us and PACCI to pitch their business idea at the EABF2020 online.

    • a “privileged access” to financial support assessment

    • the following prizes:

First award!

Expertise voucher:  The business plan will be evaluated and improved according to the needs of the African market directly by experts in the sector.

Second award!

Travel cost contributions to on site visit in Africa to implement the business idea.

Third award!

In-depth counseling and coaching from experts.

How to present your proposal?

To apply, download the application form (in 5 slides ppt) here:


There you can help us better understand your business plan in key points covering:

  • Business overviewdescription of the sector in which the company operates, current prospects and future direction, data on similar products on the market, with reliable sources and references. Explain who your customers are, what your distribution channels are, what problems you are solving and what systems you are putting in place to support operations
  • Sales and marketing strategy definition of the global market and expected market share, description and profile of customers, detailed positioning and pricing strategy, overview of the distribution and promotion infrastructure, sales forecasting and analysis of the competition.
  • Operations & Management – Organizational structure: overview of all the people involved in your business and their position in relation to each other plus wage cost forecasts. Capital and expense requirements: summary of expenses for large purchases and daily running costs.
  • Financial informationforecast, with clear vision and full control over the company’s cash flow.

Once you have completed the form, send your proposal to info@cea-pme.com (in cc info@african-european-entrepreneurs.com) by July 10 2020.

We are looking forward to receiving your ideas.