2019 Edition – Workshop Programme

This is the programme of the Shared Value Business Lab , for the programme of the EU-African SME Conference please click here

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Brussels, March 20/21, 2019

1st Shared Value Business Lab

Practical exercise to transform development challenges into business cases.

Wednesday, March 20th 2019
09:00 – 18:00 h
Venue: Meeting @ European Entrepreneurs CEA-PME, Avenue de la Renaissance 1, 1000 Brussels, 1st floor 

Participants: European and African entrepreneurs & Representatives of African and European Business Organisations

First Session: 3 countries, 3 main challenges to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals

This session on three extremely important development issues in three specific countries, a

– Access to affordable and clean energy in Ethiopia

– Access to quality professional training in Côte d’Ivoire,

– Access to health and wellbeing in Mozambique,

The goal of the session is providing an overview of the problems and discuss with participants how to develop business models that can provide solutions to these problems

Second Session: Open Space for business ideas

This session will explore which business ideas are best to promote affordable and clean energy, quality professional training and health, particularly in Ethiopia, Cote d’Ivoire and Mozambique

Thursday, March 21st 2019
09:00 – 12:00 h
continues 1st Shared Value Business Lab @ European Entrepreneurs CEA-PME, Av. de la Renaissance 1, 1000 Brussels

Third Session: common discussion and evaluation of business cases generated

Working language is “brokenEnglish. Each participant should try to help out the others with French, German and Portuguese.