After the first EU-African SME Summit in Brussels in 2019, when 10 African and European SME support organisations signed - under the good auspices of the European Commission - the EU-African SME Alliance, and where the basic values and strategic visions for a better economic cooperation between Europe and Africa have been shared, it is now time to explore more in depth the opportunities for investment and trade among small and medium-sized enterprises in the two neighbouring continents.

Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) are the backbone of many economies in Europe and Africa, for example of the first two manufacturing nations of Europe, Germany and Italy. Entrepreneurship and professional training are the focus, as keys for a strong African Mittelstand and a good basis for shared value business – in the framework of sustainable economic, social and environmental development.

The conference aims to bring European and African entrepreneurs into play, encourage them to cooperate and co-invest, build alliances, joint ventures and partnerships through appropriate support and monitoring structures and mechanisms to verify the effectiveness and impact of their initiatives.

Shared Value

The Summit's framing concept is the innovative idea of Shared Value: this new notion redefines our approach to sustainable development goals like access to water, electricity, education, training and health.

These can best be achieved through sustainable and smart business ideas, thus creating a “shared value” for the companies putting the business idea in practice as well as the communities and individuals benefiting from the services.

Prof. Dr. Horst Fischer

Director for Economic Cooperation European Entrepreneurs CEA-PME